Backpacks have been linked to back pain in children

21 Mar 2012, 06:50
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It is unanimously agreed that school children love to carry they rucksacks, back pack and other bags as they see it as 'cool'. This, along with a overloaded backpacks, have been linked to the back pain in children according to the latest study in the Northern Spain suggested.


1,403 schools have been participated in the research, which proved that the problem is real and needs to be take into account in all Spanish schools. The study was conducted by Palma scientists from Hospital da Costa in Burela and University Hospital Son Dureta. The lead author of the study presented results which was slightly worrying.


Firstly, pupils usually carry overloaded back. According to the current guidelines, the weight of the pupils' backpack should not excess 10% of the child's weight. This, as study proved, is posing a significant threat to the health of children. Two thirds of pupils in age from 12 to 17 from 11 Northern Spain schools, which were chosen for a sample broke this rule.


Obviously, the heavier the bag of the pupil were, the more problems with back it caused. It is interesting that school girls were more affected with back pains than boys. Moreover, as study showed, it caused a lot more problems in the future for them.


Scientists also think it is advisable for schools administrations to pay attention to the excessive weight of back packs, as well as the way rucksacks are worn by the pupils.


In the United Kingdom, the average weight of school children back pack is 15020% of the pupil weight, which is unacceptable. Sean McDougal who represents the back care charity pleaded that the problem is serious, so the government and schools need to be aware of possible ways of avoiding the issue.

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