Australian resuscitated after being dead for 40 minutes

14 May 2013, 07:23
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Australian resuscitated after being dead for 40 minutes

Colin Fiedler, 39-year-old Australian was brought back to life after being clinically dead for more than 40 minutes at the Alfred Hospital.


In his interview to Herald Sun, he said, "I'm so grateful, more than I could ever say". Colin Fiedler was considered clinically dead after he had suffered heart attack last June. The resuscitation technique that Colin went through following his heart attack has only been used seven times so far.


Mr Fiedler says he is seeing the event as the opportunity to completely review and change his life.  He wants to quit smoking and worrying about insignificant daily problems as the result of cardinal changes in his world-view.


Fiedler has become the third person that has successfully gone through the new trialled emergency procedure. Alfred Hostpital staff uses special CPR machine, AutoPulse, to maintain constant chest compressions reaching oxygen levels high enough for survival of patient's vital organs and brain, which is simultaneously cooled to 32 degrees Celsius.


The procedure allows paramedics to find out the cause of heart stoppage and try to fix it while the blood saturated with crucial oxygen is artificially pushed to the vital organs and brain. These manipulations bring down the risk of brain damage and consequent disabilities.


In the cases of other three people who had survived thanks to the new technology, they were also resuscitated between 40 and 60 minutes after being announced clinically dead. None of them suffered any serious disabilities associated with prolonged heart arrests.


At present, the system is available only at The Alfred Hospital in Australia, but Professor Stephen Bernard, senior intensive care physician said the results from the first two years of the trial were exciting and he hoped to eventually expand the system across Melbourne.


"We are looking to where to best implement these machines around Melbourne," he said.

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