Artificial retina transplantation to be attempted in Japan

1 Mar 2013, 08:08
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retina transplantation

Japan is close to start clinical trials of laboratory grown organs. The tissue that is created with the help of artificial multifunctional stem cells of non-embryonic origin is retina tissue.


Testing will be performed by the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research Riken. Permission request for experiment on humans to the Ministries of Health, Labour and Welfare has already been filed.


It will take up to a few months before the final verdict is known.


According to the scientists, artificially grown retina cells from patients' skin will be transplanted to the retina of the group of patients who have lost sight completely.


The discovery of artificial multipurpose non-emryonic stem cells, which are also known as iPS-cells or induced pluripotent stem cells, belongs to the Nobel Prize winner Shinya Yamanaka. The discovery was made in 2006.


Under certain conditions, these cells can substitute other cell type tissue. Thus, use of iPS-cells opens a new perspectives for transplantation.

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