40 percent of women in US are family breadwinners

30 May 2013, 12:12
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More and more women are becoming the main breadwinner in the household in the United States according to a study by the Pew Research Centre.


In their report, 40% of women were found to be the top earners of their household. Compared to the statistics of 1960's when women accounted only for 10,8 percent of main breadwinners, it's quite impressing change.


But the report is not as optimistic for women as it may seem at first. The reason beneath the finding is not the rising salaries for females, but fewer male partners per household. The majority of women who were labelled primary providers in the Census Bureau data are single mothers.


63 % of women were named breadwinners because they had children under 18 and no partner or husband to help take care of them. A census 2011 found that almost 36 percent of new mothers in 2011 were not married. The census also showed that over one in every four mothers having children under 18 is single.


Other data included in the report showed that in the families where a woman was the main breadwinner, the median family income reached $79,800.


When compared to the median family income of a two-parent household where the father was the primary earner, this number is $2,000 higher. On the other hand, single fathers bring home around $36,000 while single mothers earn only $23,000.


"It is clear from the data that we ran that in those two parent households where you've got a married mother who out-earns their husband, those are some of the most affluent family households in the country," the co-author of the report, Kim Parker said.

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