11th death from SARS-type virus, in Germany this time

27 Mar 2013, 11:41
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SARS-type virus

The German authorities released the information on Tuesday saying the man had come from the United Arab Emirates.


It is the 17th confirmed case of SARS coronavirus infection in the world, 11 of which have ended with deaths, says the World Health Organization.


On March 19, the man was transferred from Abu Dhabi to the Munich city hospital, according to the hospital authorities. He had been suffering from “serious underlying condition”, as in the case of the British patient who has died earlier this month.


Due to the pre-existing condition, the patient's chances to survive had been rather low.


The new type of virus comes from the Middle East with most people being infected while travelling to Jordan, Pakistan, Qatar or Saudi Arabia.


It is still not clear how humans get infected by this particular type of coronavirus, family of which produces several illnesses including SARS and common cold.


The previous researches showed that the new virus is closely connected to the virus found in bats suggesting it may be able to jump from animals to humans.


The World Health Organization has urged all countries to report the new cases of coronavirus infection, but hasn't recommended travel or trade restrictions.


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