Marijuana and ED

27 Feb 2012, 16:08
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Smoking marijuana may impair not only the work of the head, but other important parts of the body. According to British scientists, a passion for marijuana leads to erectile dysfunction (ED), even in very young age.

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As the British media, scientists are concerned about the growing number of adolescents seeking treatment for problems with potency. Most of them, by their own admission, were using marijuana for several years.


Although the relationship between drugs and sexual dysfunction haven't been studied yet, experts insist that such studies should be conducted as soon as possible.


"In my clinic I often see young people in the age of 17 years and older, who suffer from sexual dysfunction. In most cases, these patients began to smoke marijuana very early, sometimes even at the age of 10 years", ― said Ian Russell, a practitioner of Andrology and Urology at the Royal hospital Damfri and Galloway (Scotland).


"They smoked five or six stocks a week during puberty. It slows down reproduction of cells, which produce testosterone in men. It turns out that these guys have sexual dysfunction in the age of 14-15 years. So they have no desire and very, very low levels of testosterone. It's crazy," ― adds Russell.

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  • Bryan Powell

    Children become impotent - it is no longer funny ((

    27 Feb 2012 in 16:20
  • Jordan

    ED is the only way to get a man to quit bad habits)

    28 Feb 2012 in 10:55
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