23 Jul 2012, 19:06
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Workaholism earlier was regarded, if not granted, as a favourable quality of a worker. Other employees had to take workaholics as an example of how a person should do his job.


Today workaholism categorized as an addiction. And this seems to be quite a true, because the other side of over-diligence may become a complete failure in other aspects of life: a loving relationship and family, in quality recreation and leisure.


Workaholic is accustomed to treat himnself in only one area: this is a workplace. His self-esteem and life satisfaction depends on the work perfomance. Any addiction is a real frustration, the desire to escape, hide and digress.


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In general, the main difficulty in dealing with addicitons is that even if the person does not have any explicit addicitons, such as alcoholism, drug addiction or gambling, after all, he still finds something what distracts him from real problems. Hence, there are implicit dependencies as workaholism or sectarianism, or a crazy passion for anything.


Problems with workaholism arise because it is fashionable to be successful, and overwork creates the illusion of a success in modern society. These people usually have money and they can afford to purchase a variety of new-fangled gadgets, or drive expensive cars. But, in fact, it turns out that such a person can feel confidence only at work.


He becomes insecure, irritable and unsociable outside of a workplace. The euphoria of successfully completed projects veiled his eyes, and he wants to feel it more often. That is why, he forgets about everything and focuses all his attention on tasks.


By the way, some countries today pay close attention to the rehabilitation of workaholics. Of course, such employee is very valuable as a labour force, but in most cases constant work can be the result of serious psychological problems and permanent stress. Therefore, such an employee is directed to treatment, where he will be helped to socialize, to pay attention to the diversity of life around and to inculcate passion not connected with his primary activity.

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