Types of drugs

18 Jul 2012, 16:50
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Drugs are psychoactive substances that cause persistent addiction and lead to a loss of social adaptation and other serious problems. Depending on the nature of the drugs are divided into the following types.

How do drug tests work?


Cannabis and its preparations

good cannabis

The active ingredients of the cannabis are drugs that alter consciousness and create a feeling of carefree and fun, relax and cause excessive appetite. The strength of their influence depends on the climate in which marijuana was grown. On the south it's the strongest. The most popular way to smoke it as a cigarette. By the way, there is one sort of such called hashish. It is a mixture of pollen, resin and chopped tops of the cannabis. It is smoked through a special device. The effects of smoking marijuana is not so harmless, as is commonly believed: a sense of frustration and social isolation, a significant deterioration of thinking and memory, sexual dysfunction, and so on up to lung cancer.




Opiates can be called the most potent drugs. D on opioids can occur after the first sample, while getting rid of it is extremely difficult. Opiates can be synthetic or natural, which is produced from poppy. The most common drug in this group are methadone garoin and poppy straw. These drugs induce a state of euphoria, relaxation and tranquillity, but for a short period of time. Then such problems begin: drug use by injection greatly increases the chances of a drug addict to be infected with HIV or hepatitis, the weak liver and broken teeth, the metabolism suffers greatly, and sexual function. Also you have a very big chance in this case to get an overdose, the result of which can be fatal.




These substances have psychedelic effects, by which we usually classify them. By the origin and structure of these drugs, they can be very different. We all know such hallucinogens like psilocybin, or hallucinogenic mushrooms and LSD, which is derived from lysergic acid. Like people say, these drugs are considered to be harmless and expands consciousness. In fact, even a single dose of hallucinogens can lead to complete disintegration of the personality, mental problems and even to changes in the genetic code. These substances accumulate in the brain and permanently change it, so people influenced by it can change significantly.




This variety of drugs is related to psychostimulants. Being under the influence, a person feels a need to move a lot, without feeling hunger or desire to sleep. You start to feel sexual emancipation. There is a feeling of euphoria and a desire to communicate with others. These substances include ephedrone, ephedrine, and methamphetamine. The consequences of taking amphetamines heavily burdened terrible quality of drugs and intravenous method of administration. Also the effects of the use of these drugs commonly lead to severe headaches, sudden decrease in vision, nervous exhaustion, strokes and heart attacks, and irreversible changes in the brain and disruption of the internal organs.



cocaine road

Cocaine is a natural stimulant ― it is produced from coca leaves. The addiction to this drug is very fast and strong. The effect from cocaine continues not for a long time, but it is very strong. The person, who smelled the track, improve performance and has a strong feeling of euphoria. Using for long time, he freezes the area from the eye to the chest, and it becomes unresponsive. Also, It damages nasal cavity, where bleeding may occur. Moreover, it causes destruction of mucous membrane, complete loss of smell and taste. You may experience severe psychosis, depression, hallucinations, and aggression. Cocaine addicts usually die from myocardial infarction or complete cessation of breathing.


Alcohol: harmful without any compromises

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