Tobacco addiction treatment

3 Jul 2012, 17:01
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Despite the combined efforts of oncologists and advocates for healthy lifestyles (such as the Allen Carr), the vast majority of people in our country cannot imagine themselves without the constant cigarette in their hand. But how does it work and what kind of treatment can we apply? By the way, the term “treatment of tobacco dependence” was consumed not so simple. Smoking is addictive and there are some people who cannot cope with this problem by themself.

tabacco addiction

First of all you should realize the problem. I know many people who do not have a pronounced dependence on cigarettes, they do not suffer in weekends at home, do not run to the store for a pack, do not worry about it in airplanes and trains. But when such people appeared in the company of smokers (for example at work) they can easily agree to smoke a cigarette.


Eventually such people began smoking all the time, when co-workers go on a smoke break and carry cigarettes. Moreover, such person can have permanent smoking partner and he would smoke with him for company.


Thus, such a person starts to smoke all the time. But, as he thinks, his dependence is not strong, so he still can not to buy cigarettes or smoke each day by the standard procedure of smokers (cigarette with coffee, a cigarette before the subway, after the subway, a way to work, etc.) That is why the illusion of independence from the cigarettes is created.


All such say: “Treatment of tobacco addiction? I don`t smoke regularly! I don`t buy cigarettes!”  Now then, the first step is to be honest and to confess the addiction of smoking. And that you have to quit this bad habit. Try to understand that tobacco addiction is not only the bad habit, which gives you a certain decadent charm.


This is a serious problem which can cause death. Please note that cigarettes cause not only a lung cancer, but also a host of other serious diseases. In my opinion, problems of smoking exist precisely because many people still do not perceive smoking as a disease.


So they do not understand that they necessarily require a treatment of one of the strongest addictions in the world. In addition, there are many ways to quit smoking, but still have no decent treatment guidelines of tobacco dependence. Remember, as soon as you honestly confess of this serious disease you would have an ability to heal yourself...

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