17 Jul 2012, 15:02
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My grandmother is a real shopaholic. During her long life she has collected a huge library that could make any bibliophile envy, as well as a collection of stamps and Teflon pots. Going to the store "for some bread," she can come back with new clothes for all family members, a new electric kettle, a magic bracelet from gout and a whole bag of things with a very mysterious destination. So the issue of shopaholism is familiar for me.



Shopaholism as a phenomenon has arisen with the advent of supermarkets, sales and advertising. Previously, wealthy people also spend money on various baubles, but they cannot be named as a dependent. Over time, small cozy shops gave way to huge supermarkets that have turned a regular necessary shopping in exciting trip, full of leisure entertainment.


Today's shopping includes communicating with friends, casual talk with the sellers and then celebrating purchases in the restaurant, which is located right in the shopping centre, which became an instant shopping and entertainment centre. There you can even skate and ski.

Coffee Mania


The only governor of shopaholic’s world is fashion. And if fashion trends remained popular for several years earlier, it  today's fashion it is almost impossible to keep track. And it's not just clothes, hairstyles and even shape of the eyebrows. Such rapid changes are forcing people to buy more and more new things, despite the fact that the "old" not worn out yet.


The defenders of nature are extremely dissatisfied with this fact. They believe that we must put an end to unreasonable consumption of goods, because the consequences are the overfilled landfills. So, it turns out that it is just impossible to imagine how much garbage every little man makes in his life. All this stuff has a bad impact on ecology of our planet.


Granny’s flat is like a museum where you need to move sidewise from one cabinet to another. Thus, in her spacious home is practically no room for herself. But it is very important to have your own space to breathe a fresh air. It is much more important than to appear in the latest collection of Louboutin shoes in such kind crowd.

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