Problem with smoker's lungs

10 Jul 2012, 14:41
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From school, we remember that lungs ― is a vital organ, that is responsible for the intake of oxygen. The status of this inner part of the body is responsible for the activity, endurance, performance and well-being. When the lungs are not alright, the whole organism suffers. Smoking is the main reason why lungs are not “alright”.


The harm of cannabis


So let's see, what are the main reasons of the harmful effects of tobacco smoke on our respiratory system.  First of all smoker's lungs eventually covered with a layer of resin, which consists of various toxic substances and, therefore, affects negatively the respiratory process. Secondly, smoking leads to a constant irritation of respiratory tract infections. And this symptom lead to various diseases. Thirdly, the tobacco smoke consists of carcinogenic and other harmful substances. A lot of them are toxic!  Such heavy metals like chromium, lead and cadmium, along with the smoke get into the lungs and accumulate there.


One of the most negative consequences of smoking is the fact that smokers' lungs are at greater risk of developing dangerous diseases. According to studies of the 100,000 people who smoked a pack of cigarettes a day, 112 "earn" a cancerous tumor. With such disease a smoker can live not more then 5 years...


Another dangers of fans to smoke is emphysema. When a person has emphysema, the alveolus of lungs suffer. Their elasticity is reduced, causing shortness of breath familiar to all smokers, even at low physical activity. And after all a local cellular immunity of a smoker decreased, impaired gas exchange, inflammatory processes begin. For obvious reasons, smokers often suffer from bronchitis, pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.


I hope after reading my blog you will quit smoking . If not, you can start to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day, eat a lot of healthy food (products must contain antioxidants!), taking vitamins and clear the lungs by inhalation will also help. This will help extend the functionality of your lungs.

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