Monsters of computer addiction

1 Aug 2012, 17:36
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Recently one of my patient complained of her husband, who serves as system administrator at one of the largest banks of the city. According to her words, he does not even tries to break from the Computer at home, but on the contrary, playing online chess , talking in chats and social networks, or viewing the news bulletins. He also eats and sleeps near the computer. In general, the wife moved into the background, giving way to a soulless box. Unfortunately, in our time this situation cannot be called rare.


Computers are linked with three severe addictions: the Internet addiction , gambling addiction and, in fact, computer addiction. All these curves have similar features: loss of interest in the social side of life, including appearance, quite a strong abstinence syndrome, a desire to be constantly at the computer and the actual loss of all other interests. How does the computer addiction appear?


In fact, we are dependent, of course, not from the machine itself, but from the information it can process and store. Moreover, there is no guarantee, that actively communicating with new people a person will be able to learn as much useful information as it will be available on the network.


The computer dependencies arise due to breach of information exchange. It can be compared with the bad eating habits which are linked to improper metabolism and function. As a rule, only those people become dependent who have problems with information processing. In addition, this dependence is particularly prone people with logical thinking. While working at the computer, we do a whole series of small logical brainteasers, plus, we can immediately see the results of the work . And this rapid result gives us satisfaction.


If you constantly want to check your mail or to visit profiles in social networks, you can spend a lot of time searching and reading a wide range of information, lack of control over time spent at the computer, breaking the promise to reduce this time - most likely, computer addiction have touched you. In general, the occurrence of such dependency indicates dissatisfaction with the real life of man.  


The impossibility of communicating with other people and express themselves is also the reasons. But if these people become followers of computer addiction, they start the process even more, because due to their unkempt appearance and exclusion dependencies conflict with society is only getting worse. Computer addiction is not cured so easy ― the problem requires the participation of specialists. The focus here is on social adaptation of the dependent and switching his attention to other interests and hobbies. All of these should be dealt by qualified therapists and psychologists.

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