Know your body rhythms

16 Apr 2013, 14:31
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People of ancient China believed that life energy Qi imbues our body using special channels to supply all the organs. Each channel refers to a two-hour period of activity during the day.


Understanding these underlying energy processes can help to perform your daily activites with minimal energy losses.


00:00 to 04:00 period features decreased body temperature, pressure drops and slow pulse. The body cleanse of toxins and daily stress impacts, accumulating energy for a new day. Increased human growth hormone output initiates active cell division and growth.


During this interval the biggest number of spontaneous deaths and natural childbirths occurs. It is crucial to have a good sleep during this period, otherwise, the body wont be able to control accelerating aging processes.


A so called “blind hour" happens at 2 after midnight causing substantial drop in visual concentration. The most critical point for those staying awake is 04:00. To avoid crucial energy loss it is advised to have a snack or a drink with plenty calories.


(04:00 - 07:00) After the blood pressure increases and body temperature starts to rise, our brain begins preparing for awakening. Increased production of cortisol and adrenaline is initiated after hemoglobin and sugars enrich the blood. At this time, it is likely to wake up without alarm clock. It happens simultaneously with the peak of rising body temperature.


(07:00 to 11:00) During this period, maximum activity of the immune system is observed, which exacerbates allergic, immune and autoimmune reactions. In fact, doctors recommend carrying out vaccinations before 11 o'clock when the immune system has the highest potential.


At this time, the platelets concentration is high; therefore, people having problems with blood circulation and habit of long morning sleeps, may develop complications. It's preferably to have early breakfast shortly after waking up.


(11:00 to 13:00) Our brain slows down inner processes reducing blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tone. Yet still, body temperature continues to rise.


(13:00 to 15:00) Our stomach increases gastric juice production, so its the optimal time for having meal and little rest. If you want to get maximum profit from analgesics, take it during this time period, since the pain threshold will be lower.


(15:00 to 18:00) The blood sugar concentration reaches its maximum level. Therefore, those who suffer from carbohydrate metabolism dysfunction or, as it is also called, pre-diabetic condition should avoiв meals rich in sugars and carbohydrates. However its a perfect time for any mental or physical activities.


At 19:00 our brain still works well. It may be beneficial for you to eat food rich in carbohydrates. It can enhance production of serotonin, the hormone of happiness.


A period from 18:00 to 20:00 marks the highest liver productivity time and ability to break down alcohol more efficiently.


By 20:00-21:00 we reach the maximum weight. It is the best time for light workout or stroll.


(21:00 to 22:00) Temperature decrement and lowering reaction speed are the strongest tendencies in the body. That's the reason why most accidents at workplace occur during 22:00-04:00.


(22:00 to 23:00) Temporary immunity boost can relapse allergic reactions and asthma. Our body falls into a deep sleep state.


(22:00 to 24:00) Our body intensifies production of estrogen, a rejuvenation hormone. It is vital to go to bed at this period to avoid the lack of the hormone and stronger need in carbohydrates to compensate it next day.

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  • Leon Daniels

    agree! 20:00 best time for gym.

    16 Apr 2013 in 17:38
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