Is working at the computer dangerous?

13 Aug 2012, 11:53
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in front of laptopEffects of computer on health


Most of working hours in today's world a person spends on the computer. Naturally, the body gets no benefits from it. On the contrary, our body is subjected to regular stress. First of all your eyes are affected. People who are sitting in front of the monitor all day, often have eye redness, burning or pain. In order to reduce the stress of eyes the monitor should be at arm's length from the face (50-60 cm). The screen is better to look down at an angle of 10-15 °. A display should be clear, not dull and not too bright. Every 1.5-3 hours you should take a little break. To rest you can blink, consider distant objects, or simply close eyes. Also, in the struggle with fatigue after working at a computer, massage of the eye would be helpful. Close your eyes, than stroke and slightly push the eyeballs with index and middle fingers. This massage can last a couple of minutes.


In addition to organs of sight, posture is also at risk. While sitting in front of a computer, some muscles have a constant load, while others suffer from a long absence of one. Even a sports person who might work at the computer, is not protected from spine problems. Therefore, it is rather important to take a correct position. You have to sit so that shoulders, back and neck are relaxed. It is best to sit back while keeping your posture straight. Better to keep hands on the table in part, without relying on the armrests. Lags should leave enough space under the table.



eye level

If the table is too high and you have to keep the hands on weight, you must select a chair with adjustable height and tilt back. As in the case of eyes fatigue, there are simple tools for the limbs and back as well. It suffices every 1.5-2 hours to bend in different directions, kneading arms, legs and shoulders, turning head, to make a short walk or just to stand still.


Working at the computer hits not only muscles and skeleton, but also the nervous system. Technical failures, especially the loss of important documents may ruffle anyone. In order not to lose an important data, your computer must be protected. This saves not only nerves but also the work you've done. The presence of antivirus, backup and structured information on a PC should be a mandatory rule. Electromagnetic radiation, the source of which every computer is, might be dangerous to the human nervous system. To protect the body from an electromagnetic field, you should move away from its source, i.e. regularly leaving a workplace.

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