How do the tests for drugs work?

25 Jun 2012, 17:51
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Parents of teenagers sighed with relief when tests for drugs achieved big popularity. But the adolescents themselves were pretty upset. It should be noted that these tests are being available at the pharmacy for a long time, but they were used earlier only by people who had deep problems with drugs.


Today they are relevant even for those who just want to make sure that their children and relatives are not using drugs. But still many people have doubts. It`s not easy to find traces of any of drugs due to today`s variety of psychoactive substances. In fact, everything is much simpler than you may think.  

drug test


Any drugs, pharmacological or produced at home, take the form of a few metabolites in a body, which can be easily detected with modern drug tests. The most familiar for everyone and well known metabolite is common morphine, which is formed from

the list of a variety of substances . These are any of opiates, heroin, codeine, as well as the famous “poppy straw”.

urine test


So, how do tests for drugs work? Action principles of such tests are similar to pregnancy and ovulation tests which are being popular among women for a long time. The action is based on the interaction of antigen and antibody, and after the immunochromatographic analysis it becomes clear whether metabolites of drugs are in the body or not.


Nowadays such tests are compact and simple to use at home. Strictly speaking, these tests should be used on the principle of pregnancy tests.


To do this you need to collect an urine sample of a person and immerse a test strip in it to a specified level for a few seconds. Then you should lay test on a dry surface (horizontally) and wait. Five minutes later, the result will be visible through two lines: test and control. If ill-fated metabolites are really in the urine, they will immediately enter into reaction with specific antibodies. In result the test line is unpainted, but the control line, on the contrary, manifests in all its glory.


So, if there are two visible lines on the test, a person do not use any drug, but in case of one line on the test – the drug is totally in.

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