Harm of cannabis

17 Jul 2012, 18:30
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Smoking marijuana is now considered to be a progressive activity. Many young people and representatives of creative professions relax in this manner. I meet more and more people who lead a healthy lifestyle, give up alcohol and cigarettes, but sometimes smoke marijuana.

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In my opinion, it happens because today there is virtually no reputable studies which proving harm of cannabis. For example, we know a lot about alcohol and cigarettes. That is why people who do care about their health,  are trying to get rid of these bad habits.


Heroin was very popular in the 60s in America, especially among progressive young people and many of them confessed afterwards that no one had known anything about this terrible narcotic. Nobody knew that heroin leads to addiction in most cases and can cause quick death, not mentioning the hepatitis and AIDS.


Today a similar situation arises with cannabis and its derivatives. Scientists disagree about the danger of cannabis, some even openly insist that marijuana is good for health and develops the imagination. All this creates the illusion that marijuana is harmless and not addictive, but is it really true?


I decided to collect all studies which can prove the harmful abilities of cannabis...

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Scientists were able to prove that the regular use of cannabis may lead to complications in the lungs . As a result, the airways become narrower, and even the appearance of emphysema is possible. This is because during smoking marijuana carbon monoxide being inhaled, as well as free radicals and other harmful crap.


It is also wrong to say that marijuana is not addictive. Marijuana can lead to psychological addiction, but it is much weaker than in the case of cocaine or heroin. After quitting smoking various autonomic disorders may observed which are held throughout the week.


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If a person uses marijuana frequently soon he will need larger doses. Smokers need to smoke a lot in order to achieve the desired effect. This is due to the interaction of cannabinoids with target cells in the body.


Clinical studies also suggest that prolonged use of cannabis may lead to the following joyless results: highly progressive loss of strength and of the body as a whole, the depletion of muscle mass, inertia. The harm of cannabis is especially true in the human brain: with a time after the regular use of cannabis a person visibly grows dull, begins to forget words and stories that he had just said. As a result of constant marijuana smoking a person loses social ties, he is in a constant solitude; he has a manic thoughts and prolonged psychosis, which can result in profound disability.

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