Effects of computer on health

22 Jun 2012, 15:41
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Now it is more securely to exist in the real world than in the virtual. The impact of spending most of the day in static position in front of the monitor gives negative effects on health. We endanger our eyesight and posture, immune system, nervous system and even have a risk to get problems in the sexual sphere. Of course, all these problems can be avoided by paying sufficient attention to a workflow.



First of all computer has an impact on our eyes: there is a constant overreach due to a changing of letters and pictures on the screen. Firstly, you should pay attention to you monitor: modern technology can produce high-quality monitors with several types of protection.

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The monitor screen should be placed at an angle of 10-15 degrees to the horizon at eye level or lower – so you have to look down on it. Secondly, to avoid excessive strain of the eye muscles, the distance between the monitor and eyes should be at least 60 cm. (arm`s length). Thirdly, the dust should be regularly erased from the screen. It is also important to remember that the monitor should not be gleaming, dim, blurry or too bright – these are the main reasons of tired eyes.


You may also avoid a computer harmful effect on eyes by making trivial interruptions between a work process. At least five minutes break between every hour of work will be beneficial for eyes: look in to the window, blink, do special exercises. Our spine has no less danger. For example, permanent staying in the same position in front of the computer may develop scoliosis.


Your table should be large and comfortable to fit easily on it. The additional hardware and important documents should not interfere the freedom of movement. Table height – is about 75 cm (for a person of average height).


Change your position constantly, but try to keep your back straight. Orthopedic seat is the perfect invention for the modern office worker. Choose a chare which has an ability to adjust parameters to the features of the figure. The chair height should allow holding hands horizontally on the keyboard. The chare should be equipped with armrests and headrests. You can also put a special massage on the chair, thus you would improve blood flow to the pelvic organs and worn sexual disorders.


By Following These Simple Rules You Can Operate Without Detriment To Health

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