Development of gaming addiction

6 Jul 2012, 17:54
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Addictive properties of gambling are known for a long time. No need to go far – there are enough examples of gaming addiction in the classical Russian literature. Pushkin and Dostoyevsky dedicated their works to the players who put everything at stake: social status, money and even lives. In any of such work a player in the end turns out to be not only defeated, but also in the clutches of a cunning fortune, from which it is impossible to get out. 


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In general, the classics were not so far from the truth. Game dependence is a serious form of psychological disorder that can destroy a person's life in a very short period of time. It is virtually playing with fire. Many people in a minute of excitement have staked sums of money which they simply didn't have. In such way a man drives himself in debts which can be paid for years. Of course, in this case severe forms of depression develop, and the person turns to be in a very precarious situation.



But why some people are reckless while others do not have any feelings at all for a slot games? The thing is in psychological and neurophysiological features of the brain. Simply saying, if you are indifferent to the casino and frankly bored by playing poker for money we can only envy to you. By the way, a person who is not interested in gambling by the specification of his brain can really win a million. How can he do it? He can do it just being able to stop in right time.

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The mechanism of game addiction evaluation is similar to any other addictions. Firstly, a person may feel emotional rising, excitement and if he manages to win he would feel the most real euphoria. And of course he wants to repeat these feelings. Gambling people have conditioned reflex.


Their brain is very sensitive to any flashing buttons, chips, beads and other trumpery. The addiction is gradually formed in the cerebral cortex of a man. The escapism (lack of interest in the outside world, living in illusions), the destruction and degradation of the individuality are the results of such dependence in 100% of the cases.


Only qualified psychologist can help in such a case. A man goes to casinos to get the adrenaline. The psychologist may suggest him how to get the adrenaline in more environmentally friendly ways: in self-development, sport and family. In order to cope with addiction you need to live a full life and to seek happiness not in artificial things, but in real life.

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