Coffee Mania

10 Jul 2012, 15:45
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Let`s continue our conversation about addictions. Today I'd like to tell you about such implicit habit as coffee mania. As you know, Honore de Balzac had a special love for this fragrant drink. The writer worked eighteen hours a day, and coffee helped him to maintain such a high performance. He could drink more than two cups a day!


An enthusiastic devotion of the writer to coffee cost him his life: it is believed that Balzac had a heart disease just because of caffeine abuse, and this is why he died on the fiftieth year of life.

coffee mania

Today the culture of coffee drinking is developed throughout the civilized world. We used to wake up only when a cup of steaming beverage is in our hands. But you must be very careful with coffee, because this refreshing drink  can transformed you from a simple fan to the avid coffee-addicted. Coffee mania is dangerous because in addition to different caffeine pollutants and toxins formed during the processing of coffee beans get in the body.


Alcohol: harmful without any compromises


Moreover, coffee is a very tricky drink, which brings only benefits in small doses, but on an industrial scale does irreparable harm to the body. But coffee mania has the same mechanism as all types of dependencies. Be accustomed to a morning cup of coffee, your body starts to demand increased dose of caffeine.


But caffeine can be obtained not only from coffee drinks, but also of black tea, some varieties of nuts, cocoa and other innocuous goodies. With the modern pace of life that requires constant expenditure of energy, caffeine is an indispensable assistant to people with an active lifestyle. That is how easily and naturally coffee mania develops, which in time begins to bring a lot of harm.


When we begin to drink coffee too often, our heart starts beating faster, so we become more nervous and suffer from insomnia. Caffeine has an impact on the women's beauty also affected deducing too much water from the body. The result is cellulite, wrinkles, dry skin. In general, at one moment the best stimulant turns into a real enemy.


It happens when our body has a strong coffee intoxication.


And what shall we do? Can we forget about a cup of tea for the whole life? Not at all. It is enough to make detox, cleanse the body of excess caffeine, and then use it in strict moderation. Caffeine is not considered to be harmful if you drink from 250 to 500 mg per day.


Stop drinking coffee firstly.


Replace it with herbal teas, many of which are also capable of toning the body and make you more energetic. For example, lemon grass, roots of chicory, ginseng and ginger, roasted barley have these properties. Drink plenty of pure water, and replace the usual cup of coffee with green tea.


You can wean yourself from coffee pretty fast. And soon you will be able to stop drinking coffee. Avoid the daily consumption of coffee in order not to fall into dependence again and drink it in the afternoon, when the natural energy increase begins.

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