Alcohol: harmful without any compromises

20 Jul 2012, 12:36
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Nothing is so irrevocable and invisibly poisonous for the life of man as alcohol. Negative effects of its consumption is so multifaceted and pervasive that it is difficult to highlight the most serious consequence of drinking. In addition to the human body his mind suffers, and moral and spiritual standards turn to an empty sound. Nevertheless, we consider the most famous victims of alcohol.

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Ethyl alcohol contained in alcoholic beverages contributes to disruption of chemical processes in the brain. As a result, people ( teenagers in particular) grows literally dull. In addition, after every drink the number of dead brain cells is increasing.



The greater permeability of vascular walls of the liver is, the faster this organ is destroyed under the influence of alcohol. In addition, alcohol leads to disruption of the synthesis of enzymes and vitamins and affects carbohydrate and protein metabolism.


Gastro-intestinal tract.

Due to the drinking habit not only the quantity but also the properties of gastric juice are changed. A malfunction of the pancreas is fraughted with diabetes and pancreatitis.


The excretory system.

Diuresis is one of the sides of drinking alcohol. It increases urine output. As a result you may get a disruption of water-salt metabolism, and eventually the metabolism in general. While some people lose weight, others are gaining extra pounds. Alcohol, which is especially noticeable damaging kidneys, start to show itself up through the pain of these organs.


The cardiovascular system.

Alcohol distributes through organism with the blood with an enviable rate of spread. Once every inch of the body is impregnated with alcohol its excretion begins. 2-10% goes out by the natural way; the rest is oxidized in the liver and other organs. As a consequence, fans of alcoholic beverages (especially beer) get "bullish" ("beer") heart which is unable to function normally.


Mental condition. In addition to the progressive cognitive dysfunction, a person can possibly get mental changes. The personality change for the worse, degrades and loses its social significance. Primitive instincts and needs at the same time begin to dominate.


In conclusion, let me remind you that addiction to alcohol occurs very rapidly. As with any addiction , the amount of alcohol, as well as frequency of use, can grow to lethal proportions. Everyone is familiar with cases where a person was so drunk that the pursuit of euphoria came to drinking deaths. Remember this every time you are going to drink.

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