Few computer problems are more annoying than a flickering screen that appears to have no apparent cause but won't go away. It may be not only irritating but also harmful for your eyes.

Sometimes my friends ...

28 May 2013, 17:11
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People of ancient China believed that life energy Qi imbues our body using special channels to supply all the organs. Each channel refers to a two-hour period of activity during the day.


Understanding these underlying energy ...

16 Apr 2013, 14:31
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Recently one of my patient complained of her husband, who serves as system administrator at one of the largest banks of the city. According to her words, he does not even tries to break from the Computer at home, but on the contrary,

1 Aug 2012, 17:36
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Monsters of computer addiction


If you can`t live even a day without Worldwide net, and every morning starts with social net or E-mail you are quite probably to have Internet ...

1 Aug 2012, 17:20
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Workaholism earlier was regarded, if not granted, as a favourable quality of a worker. Other employees had to take workaholics as an example of how a person should do his job.


Today workaholism categorized as an addiction. And this seems to be quite a true, because the other side of ...

23 Jul 2012, 19:06
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Harm of cannabis


Nothing is so irrevocable and invisibly poisonous for the life of man as alcohol. Negative effects of its consumption is so multifaceted and pervasive that it is difficult to highlight the ...

20 Jul 2012, 12:36
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Drugs are psychoactive substances that cause persistent addiction and lead to a loss of social adaptation and other serious problems. Depending on the nature of the drugs are divided into the following types.

18 Jul 2012, 16:50
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Types of drugs


Smoking marijuana is now considered to be a progressive activity. Many young people and representatives of creative professions relax in this manner. I meet more and more people who lead a ...

17 Jul 2012, 18:30
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My grandmother is a real shopaholic. During her long life she has collected a huge library that could make any bibliophile envy, as well as a collection of stamps and Teflon pots. Going to the store "for some bread," she can come back with new clothes for all family members, a new electric kettle, a ...

17 Jul 2012, 15:02
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