Oily skin care

10 Apr 2013, 10:56
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Tacky and oily skin not only bothers you and looks unpleasant for others, but it also leads to other skin problems. The intensity of sebaceous glands secretions is usually associated with the endocrine system activity. However, there are general rules and guidelines to make the facial skin look healthy and beautiful. If you are looking for simple tips to deal with it, check it out.

Oily skin care


Use as little makeup as possible.

In fact, cosmetics mixes with large amounts of secreted skin fat (called sebum) and is hard to be removed. It eventually clogs the skin pores, causing various inflammations. It usually happens in hot season when the sebum exudation is significantly increased. In addition, make-up products harden on oily giving the sticky and unkept look.


Wash up your face with cool water.

Warm or hot water opens the skin pores increasing sebum production. Therefore, if you want to take a hot shower or bath for the best cleaning effect, complete the procedure using cool water to wash up your face. Then peeled skin pores will shrink letting the sebaceous glands to work less vigorously.


Always keep your face clean.

You must follow this procedure at least 2-3 times a day. In order to achieve the best cleansing effect, you must pick skin care product most suitable for your body. This can be a tonic, or some kind of soap (the best one i personally used was a tar soap). If you have no opportunity or time to wash up as usually, use wipes. Don’t forget to use separate clean towels for your face and hands.


Lubricate your face regularly.

Cosmetic sprays, special animating tonics and even mineral water moderately put on skin can serve as a good moisture.


Use lotion for oily skin made of natural ingredients.

You can buy it or prepare yourself. Natural lotions should normalize your sebaceous glands activity.


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