Hygienics and acne skin problems

1 Aug 2012, 16:39
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If you are lucky to have oily and problem skin, you need to focus on proper daily care. In addition, you need to adhere to the rules of healthy eating and eat no sweets. The more healthy and balanced is your diet, the more problems you can avoid. However, the main attention should be paid to a daily care.


Acne on my back and the way of its elimination

problem skin

I would like to share my observations and professional tips with you:


1. Wash your face! Train yourself to do it in the morning and evening, using a special tool for problem skin. Blot skin with a thin cloth and let it dry out a bit. After 15 minutes you can apply lotion or cream (for oily skin, too).


2. Do not squeeze pimples! Dermatologists agree that squeezing pimples is a serious harm to your skin: because this appears even more pimples and their tracks do not heal longer and may even turn into scars.


3. Try to visit full sun rarely and forget about solarium. I know, you heard that the sun can cure acne and dry skin. This is not more than a myth: in fact, a tan just makes acne less noticeable, but it threatens to photo damaged skin. Moreover, the consequences of which can be very dangerous.


4. Wash your face with cool water. Hot water has an adverse effect on any type of skin. Use only purified water if you have the opportunity.


5. Steam your face once a week. You can go to the bath, or to arrange a steam bath at home. To do this, take a handful of dried flowers of calendula and chamomile, put in a saucepan, cover with boiling water and set on fire for five minutes. After that, place the pan on the table, sit on it and cover yourself with a towel. 15 minutes will be enough for a good decoupling of the skin. After that, wipe the skin with a lotion that tightens pores and make a mask ― a mask will be more effective on the steamed face.


6. Do not use soap (The only exception is coal-tar) and an alcohol, and avoid rough peeling.


7. Avoid using of decorative cosmetics ― let your skin breathe!


Moisturizing face masks

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