Acne on my back and the way of its elimination

6 Jul 2012, 18:11
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As the pimples on a face , acne on the back as a rule are formed in a result of incorrect and reinforced of the sebaceous glands. A bacterium appears in the form of inflammatory which forms the acne when dirt gets into enlarged pores. It can happen at any time of year, regardless of age and sex of the person. And if the physical condition of the "patterns" in the body is virtually unaffected, the psychological problems tend to exist.

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Acne on the back can be caused by problem in the digestive system, endocrine system disorders, gynecological disorders, neuralgia, excessive sweating and failure to observe hygiene (is very problematic to wash your back throughout the day as well as the hands or face). That is why you should fight with a cause of problem.




There are usually blemishes and scars on the body after acne. Scars may be formed as a result of physical removal of large spots in areas with thinner skin. That is why the treatment should be carried out after a consultation with a doctor who may prescribe a course of antibiotics, advise the necessary vitamins etc.


In addition, more simple and accessible methods might help: back peeling and purification with special lotions, bath with potassium permanganate, or sea salt, the exclusion of fatty and fried foods from the diet, drink plenty of liquids (water), and choose non-synthetic clothing. It is also advisable to purchase an therapeutic agents to cope with acne without any scars.


It is possible to make a mask from sea salt and at home. For its preparation you need to pour sea salt in a bowl with water and to mix the content thoroughly. Then add clay in the reservoir gradually and mix the ingredients until it become a homogeneous mass. Put the mask on the back for 20 minutes and then rinse it with a sponge. Don`t forget that over-active friction can lead to more irritation to the skin.

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