Otoplasty will relieve from droopy ears!

10 Jul 2012, 15:26
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For some people, especially at a young age, droopy ears can become the cause of the inferiority complex. Excessive spreading or irregular shape of the ears often makes even a nice person to doubt in his attractiveness. But, thanks to the plastic surgeons the first surgery to correct ear shape were performed in the 19th century. Since then, the ears plastic, Otoplasty, has advanced seriously. The laser replaced the scalpel, and the consequences, scars, for example, can be forgotten.


First breast augmentation


Otoplasty can not only eliminate droopy ears, but to correct relief and the size of the auditory organ. The point of operation, which is on an outpatient basis, is to create a new form of ear cartilage. A small incision is made on the back of ear and then the surgeon moves the cartilage in the desired position.


The selected form of the cartilage is fixed with surgical sutures. Operation lasts about an hour. Earlier it was impossible to avoid bruises, but modern surgical lasers allow to avoid the loss of blood. The antimicrobial action is another advantage of laser over the scalpel. It helps to prevent a possible abscess. The process of healing and decreases of swelling begins about a week after the surgery.


Contour correction


operations on ears

The most common is the Furnas`s method of ear plastic. Its essence lies in the return of the ear in an anatomically correct position with sutures. Nonabsorbable threads are held through the ear cartilage and the mastoid bone of the skull and fix the sink in the right direction. Another common technique is the method of Mustard which involves the removal of skin and overlaying cartilage to give ear the necessary form. Both techniques are classified as simple operations and are harmless to the hearing.

ear pinning

Often, only one ear is needed to be corrected. Such selectivity may affect the symmetry of the organs, so it is better to conduct the operation on both ears. Due to anesthesia otoplasty procedure is painless. The method is similar to dental anesthesia. If it is a child on the operating table general anesthesia is used. If the age of the young patient has not reached 6 years of age, surgery is not recommended. The fact is that the shape of the ears at this age has not yet formed completely and may vary with a time.

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