Hyaluronic acid

5 Jul 2012, 14:19
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Recently, more and more beauty salons offer services for rejuvenation and improvement of the body. It's called the injection of hyaluronic acid. Having chat with my friend, who is the professional cosmetologist, I found out a lot about hyaluronic acid. I think plenty of other women will be interested in this innovation. This substance, also known as gialuronan and hyaluronate, is a chemical compound, which is a part of the bones, skin and joints of the person.

hyaluronic acid

First breast augmentation


The main function of hyaluronic acid is that it connects to the water of the cells of the body. Thanks to the gialuronan effect our skin does not dry out and remains flexible. Because of the age, stress, bad ecology, sunlight, poor nutrition the water balance is disturbed in our body, and as we are closer to an old age, the skin dehydration begins.


Actually it's a result of the lack of the hyaluronic acid. And year after year our face “decorates” more wrinkles and folds, and also its colour feds. Hopefully, the problem of ageing is easy to solve now. After the injection of hyaluronic acid under the ageing process is considerably slowed down. Also it's possible to use body cream based on hyaluronate. With the injection of hyaluronic acid you can not only get rid of wrinkles and give skin a youthful appearance, but also to adjust the shape of the lips and around lip area.


Contour correction


Preparations based on hyaluronic acid are harmless, natural and cause almost no allergic reaction. There are two ways of getting hyaluronic acid. In the first way the hyaluronan extracted from animal tissues. The second method consists in the synthesis of acid by specific microorganisms.


The disadvantage of rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid is that  in a bid to maintain good-looking skin tone it must be injected regularly. The effect does not occur at once, but after the injection at the same place the swelling and redness appear. Overheating, exercises and the use of tonal cream and for a certain period should be banned. As my friend cosmetologist says,  not all women are ready for this step. In such cases, bio-complexes based on hyaluronic acid would be reasonable, though less effective alternative.

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