Cryosauna and aircryotherapy health benefits

5 Jun 2013, 10:28
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When people hear the word Sauna it usually associates either with warmth and pleasure or unbearable swelter and heated endurance contest.

man in cryosauna


Cryosauna introduces you to the exactly opposite world.


The temperatures in cryosauna can go down to 120 – 180 degrees Celsius below zero (240-350 degrees Fahrenheit). To a newcomer it may sound terrifying as it may seem that such low temperatures must be capable of inflicting pain and damaging a human body. In reality, attending cryosauna at least ones turns this mistaken fear upside down.


Cryosauna chamber is a perfect means of full-body cryotherapy.


Cryotherapy (official commonly used term) means therapy with cold. Cryotherapy had been known and widely used for treatment and diseases prevention in the regions with low temperatures for many centuries.


Exposing body to frosty air or submerging it in biting water, using cold compresses, ice and other means of achieving rapid temperature oscillations in the body had been used by traditional medicine for many conditions.

girl in cryosauna


Invention of modern cryosauna as we know it now belongs to Japanese although cold treatment therapies had been practiced by Hippocrates thousands of years ago. Since then, full-body aircryotherapy (cooling the body with the help of extremely low temperature gases) has becom more and more popular, especially with the introduction of some new technologies that make the procedure much more comfortable and fun.


After the first cryosauna was created in the land of the rising sun approximately half a century ago, it has been perfected and modified both in Japan and in Europe. American continents were the last to employ this old forgotten invention.
cryosauna chamber


Cryosauna is visually very similar to a vertical solarium in terms of design. It has a compartment filled with freezing cold gas mixture which opens from above. The mixture itself consists of liquid oxygen and nitrogen cooled down to about 120-180 degrees Celsius below zero (240-350 degrees Fahrenheit) in very dry environment. A person immerses into a cloud of nitrogen vapors for a short session from 2 to 3 minutes.


Since the procedure is performed at such fast rate, only the outer layer of skin where most thermal receptors are located is cooled down. It triggers full body reaction comprising of rapid activation of immune system, increased metabolism and massive release of endorphins.

cellulite after cryosauna


The freezing air boosts collagen production in the deeper layers of skin making it smoother, fairer, and more elastic. Cryosauna is considered a state-of-the-art weapon in the fight against many health conditions including poor capillary circulation, obesity, fibromyalgia, asthma, psoriasis, menopausal symptoms, cellulite, sunburn and premature skin ageing.


It has been estimated that the release of endorphins from a 3 minute cryosauna session is equivalent to the one after 2 hours of intensive exercises. It is what makes the full body cryotherapy so pleasant and stimulating, sometimes even euphoric.


As a result, after the cryosauna session one feels unbelievably refreshed and rejuvenated not only physiologically but also psychologically. Even people with complex chronic psychological conditions as sleep disorders and depression can benefit from the therapy experiencing alleviated symptoms and following health improvement.

frosty glass


In order to safely use cryosauna you must first consult a physician and undergo extensive health examination before you can start exposing your body to freezing temperatures.


The list of counter-indications for cryosauna is quite extensive.


Heart rhythm disorders, coronary artery disease, severe hypertension, cancer and infectious diseases, veins varicose, and a predisposition to thrombosis are among the conditions that you must be aware of before taking up aircryotherapy.

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