Contour correction

13 Aug 2012, 11:18
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The range of possibilities in contour correction is extremely broad: with its the help you can get rid of wrinkles, especially deep nasolabial folds, correct the shape of face oval, eliminate excessive sweating of the palms and soles, or add an enticing volume of lips. This procedure is safe and effective. That is why it is rather popular among females.


Definition of blepharoplasty


The mechanism of this procedure is quite simple: a specific gel-like substance is injected under the skin in a designated locations, which is slightly lifts the skin and makes wrinkles smooth out. Gels are different, and the doctor chooses the one that is able to solve your problem. For example, to fill deep wrinkles doctor need to use a gel of higher density than for smoothing wrinkles. Botox is also related to contouring, while the principle of its action differs significantly from the filler (i.e. most of these gels). Botox blocks the nerve impulses that go to the facial muscles, thereby relaxing them, but gels fill the space under the skin, smoothing it.


The following drugs may be the active ingredient in the contouring: Surgiderm, Restylaine, Teosyal, Perlaine, Juvederm, Belotero, etc. They are based on hyaluronic acid, which is natural for our skin and, therefore, a priori, can not be harmful to it.


This procedure is remarkable because the effect is clearly visible right after the first time and immediately after its completion. You should look after your skin for some time: the day of injection refrain from visiting a fitness club or swimming pool, it is better to relax in good company.


It is not recommended to visit  sauna and steam room and to tan for a month because a tan in this period can lead to skin pigmentation. Accordingly, it is better to do the contour of plastic in autumn and winter when the sun is not active enough, and you can refrain from sunburn quite easily. In the spring, the sun can overtake you, even in the city, so it's best to be patient until the fall.

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