Weight loss myths

10 Apr 2013, 17:40
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Thriving to be in shape and have a perfect figure, we relentlessly follow our friends' advices and  trends promoted by the gloss magazines without realizing that sometimes it can bring more harm then profit.

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Here I will try to mention some of the most popular misconceptions about weight loss.


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Myth №1.


Neoprene clothing helps to lose weight


Neoprene shorts, pants, belts and other clothes make you lose sweat, not weight. In fact, these are two different things since when you sweat, you lose water, not fat. Water loss can be easily replenished bringing your weight back to norm.


Myth №2.


Applying excessive efforts in specific areas burns fat in them


Very often people try to modify specific parts of their boy. Such notion comes from lack of knowledge of anatomic internal mechanisms. In reality, you either burn fat on your whole body or you burn nothing.


As a rule, the most problematic areas that are able to quickly accumulate fat are belly, thighs, and buttocks. So you need to expose your whole body to intensive exercises in order to burn fat in these areas. Applying simple strength training will have no effect, since only aerobic exercise like running, biking, swimming or walking would help to reach visible results.


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Myth №3.


L-carnitine and other drugs intensify fat burning process


Taking carnitine triggers the process of burning fat, only if the body is exposed to physical activity.


Unfortunately, eating carnitine with burger while laying on sofa won't do much. On the other hand, if the exercise is intense enough, the body will get rid of fat without any medications.


Myth №4. 


Strength exercises facilitates the weight loss

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As already mentioned, strength training leads to muscle building, but it is not the case with burning fat. However, adding jogging, walking or cycling to other physical exercises may increase the efficiency of your workouts.


Myth №5.

You should keep diet and restrain from eating after 6 pm to loose weight



It's not quite true. If you wish to lose weight without harming your stomach and entire body reconsidering your everyday diet and excluding some unhealthy products will be more than enough. However, absolute restraining from eating after 6 pm provokes compensation need. Usually it is achieved through consumption of sweet drinks, herbal teas or juices.


At the same time, staying hungry for 11-12 hours will stress your body, it will start burning some fat, but also muscle mass.

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