My path to modern technologies

6 Nov 2012, 17:15
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I started my fitness career 9 years ago. Thinking about my future I decided not to enter the university, so I received just a college education. Although I haven't had any kind of knowledge thirst, fitness and workouts were my first love. Thus I decided to carry on and try myself in the fitness.


First 5 years was pretty tough times. Having virtually no money, I was desperately looking for a job. My life path have seen a bunch of different jobs: a car seller, a bodyguard in a numerous pubs, mailman etc. Those was just for earning money. But the foremost passion of mine was always gym workouts. After being just a bloke with strong muscles, eventually, I started to read books on fitness and workouts.


Because of my 4 years experience in the area a great idea came up to my mind: why don't become a fitness instructor? Starting from applying for fitness instructors positions in health club, I looked for the help of somebody, experienced enough to open a small fitness club. Because of crazy rent prices in central London, we rented a fairly small premises in Watford, Hertfordshire and started doing our first steps.


The beginnings were really hard: I invested all of my money (25,000 pounds) in the business. Eventually, we started to get our first clients. The first full fitness group was formed a month after our opening. A couple of month later we started earning money.


It's been almost five years since I was thinking about modernization of my business. Frankly speaking, it was not me, but my partner Daniel. He was an experienced start-up manager and recently moved from Belfast to London in the need of new prospective projects/businesses. At that time there was no website of our fitness club, particularly because we perceived ourselves as a small local business. Daniel, from the other side, was, may I say, an IT-geek so he came up with an idea of implementing a social networking components into my business. He also added that it would be effective if we made some sort of mobile app where people could make appointments for fitness classes, build up their own training schedule, and what is crucial to share their results with friends via Facebook, twitter and other social platforms.


The only problem that we faced was money, as usual. The cost of app development is usually unaffordable for small businesses. A matter of fact, prices for the most simple Android-application starts from 5,000 pounds, which was, would I say, quite expensive for our small company. At first, we considered to construct our on application using different online application constructors, but again the prices were biting us all the time.


Gladly, Daniel came across a platform called Youcure.me. As I figured out later, this also was a healthy lifestyle social network, where a bunch of doctors, fitness instructors and casual people hanging out, sharing their knowledge and help each other. And, here is the best thing, development of application is completely free! This is you who decide how your app will be look like. Any kind of appearance, functions, buttons are available to you. You are the creator of your own application!


After a negotiation process, we gave birth to an android app called Apollo Fitness. At the first stage, we think of Apollo Fitness as a exclusive application for our customers. Eventually, however, the downloads of Apollo Fitness on Play Store reached 100k! People were so in love with our mobile services (GPS tracking, a library with all exercises needed and so on) that we decided to expand functionality of Apollo Fitness.


Google and customers did like our application so we offer users to make a little contribution for each contribution – 0,89 pounds per download. And you know what? Now I'm earning more than from my fitness club. This year my total revenue was around 100,000 pounds. If somebody told me nine years ago that I will have earned that much, I probably wouldn't believe him.


Thanks to Youcure.me I started a new stage of my life. Totally worth it.

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