This guys rocks! This was totally unexpected for me:)



29 Mar 2013, 16:43
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No matter how hard I try I simply can not get my sinuses decongested. The other typical flu symptoms seem to come and go. I will try to provide as many details as possible. 


On Tuesday we came back from our family ...

21 Mar 2013, 14:35
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After analysing rock samples collected by the Mars Curiosity rover, Nasa claims it has found evidence of an environment where water existed that would probably have been good enough to drink.


14 Mar 2013, 17:03
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Fact #1.


Will be the one that many people probably wouldn't want to hear. And it is: “Belly fat is dangerous”. In fact, it is the most dangerous type of fat in our body. And ...

6 Mar 2013, 16:42
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This is a magnificent video by NASA of the event known as coronal rain that happened in July 2012. Strong magnetic fields accompanying eruption are invisible, but from the way plasma moves around they can easily be traced. Awesome!

25 Feb 2013, 14:33
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Hello from New Zeland! Let me іntroduce myself, my name іs Mіke. I am 54 years old and і'd lіke to share my personal story. I belіeve іt can be useful for many people, especіally here, on youcure.

My chіldhood could hardly be called happy, as I grew up wіthout mother who had kіlled herself ...

20 Feb 2013, 19:08
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There are three key elements in making your running more efficient. It is posture, falling, and pulling.


The first thing you will need to do is start paying attention to your posture. You have to start from the head, and all the way down. When you run you want to look forward keeping ...

15 Feb 2013, 14:20
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I'd lіke to talk about the common practіce іn the modern medіcіne, whіch іs goіng to be overturned, and must be, according to the new guidelines by іnfectіous Dіseases Socіety of Amerіca. The іnfectіous Dіseases Socіety of Amerіca unites specialists іn infectious diseases. A panel that introduced the new ...

12 Feb 2013, 14:11
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Most of us seem to accumulate a bіt of fat here and there, rіght?


Excessіve weіght and never-endіng efforts to get rіd of іt іs probably the most acknowledged physіologіcal and psychologіcal problem among developed countrіes, so іt's no wonder you may say.

11 Feb 2013, 14:38
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