What are the best exercises for biceps?

4 Jul 2012, 15:43
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Nothing else can make men more attractive than strong hands. Women admire relief forms and for men it is a matter of respect. Quite often, many of those wishing to show off tight-fitting T-shirt in the summer remember the state of their muscles only with the coming of spring. Pseudo-macho starts to sweat torturing his body in gyms or at home being convinced of the deplorable condition of his biceps.

strong biceps

But if an experienced instructor can help you in a gym, home-grown athletes have to rely on themselves. By the way, instructors in a gym do not have a time for everyone. So what should you know to spend time, effort and money effectively to improve your body?


Armwrestling for Dummies


Biceps in exercises with the weights is very active, but this fact does not guarantee its growth. This is because a person can simply mark time performing a huge number of gentle approaches. For example, doing 12-15 reps, which include 10 sets of each, an athlete achieves much lower results than doing about 7 sets of 8 reps with a higher load.


It is believed that the slow, laborious sets that require more effort stimulate the growth of the biceps. According to experts the number of workouts per week should not exceed 2-3 times because the muscles need to relax.


You need to remember that with proper execution of all exercises with the right loads the muscles become stronger over time. Therefore, the load should be increased with a time; it would not allow the biceps to get used to the stress and allows you to have regular barriers to muscle growth. Thus, the stronger muscles are becoming the greater weight and resistance must be overcame.


Several basic exercises for the biceps are the following:

  • Curls with a barbell in a standing position;
  • Curls with a barbell on a Scott`s bench;
  • Bending dumbbell in standing or sitting (in turn, synchronous);
  • Pulling on the bar.


Food deserves special attention. In case, when a person who wants to give a sport look to his body has an excess weight the high calorie food should be excluded from the diet. Thus, the muscles begin to consume the nutrients contained in the subcutaneous fat. For those who have the asthenic type of figure more protein need to be absorb.

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