The main thing about the development of endurance

6 Aug 2012, 13:54
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For the development of endurance athletes use different training methods, each of them are unique and used for the development of certain components of endurance. Methods differ in types of exercises (exercise equipment, jogging, swimming, etc.), number of repetitions, intensity, duration and nature of the rest (recovery period).

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Methods of endurance development:

1. Uniform continuous method. The essence of it is a single and uniform implementation of a moderate exercise load which is lasting from 15-30 minutes to 1-3 hours. It can be running or casual walking.


2. Variable continuous method. It is characterized by a periodic change in the rate of continuous operation. It may be martial arts or team sports. It is called velocity game. Thus, in the long run (MDF), the athlete performs the acceleration in the intervals of 100-500 meters. This method of endurance is used by runners for medium and long-distance and skiers.


3. Interval method. It features re-dosed performance of exercise with a small duration and with strictly defined intervals of rest. It is popular among the cyclic sports (swimming, athletics). Repetition of high-intensity exercise can pass for 10-15 seconds. These exercises are performed for 4-6 repetitions at intervals of 1-5 minutes.


Some of these methods of endurance can be applied not only to professional athletes, but also ordinary people. To do this you need to decide what kind of endurance is needed to develop and select a suitable mode of exercise. The essence of this method is in repeated exercises with an arbitrary duration of the intervals of rest and limited or maximum intensity. The method is popular in all kind of active sports ― rowing, swimming, running, skating, skiing, etc. Also used in some martial arts.


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