Stretching for twine

24 Jul 2012, 14:58
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The flexibility and elasticity of the muscles give us a lot of advantages starting with the avoidance of many injuries and ending with a feeling of extraordinary lightness in the body and flying gait. In addition, a good stretch allows us to protect our joints from a variety of diseases. And, of course, an indispensable bonus of stretch is split.

human flexibility

Stretching for twine, in fact, includes exercises specific to various types of general stretching.


There are five types of stretching:

  • active (when the stretching exercises are performed by your own),
  • passive (when a partner or coach helps you),
  • dynamic (passing from the movement to the motion),
  • ballistic (includes abrupt and springy elements),
  • finally, the static (every move is recorded from 15 seconds to a minute). Static stretching is the safest and most effective form of exercise.


So before the start of stretching you should make a warm-up. Warmed muscles will stretch better, and the probability of injury decreases. However, stretching of the muscles should be done very careful not to damage the ligaments and joints. So it's better to start with slow flowing movements and stay in each posture for about a minute.


Depending on how you will be obtained, increase or decrease this time. During the exercise, all the muscles should be relaxed and breathing should be deep and regular. Tense muscles are not amenable to stretching.


Stretching the spine without risk to your health


Try to do the next exercises to maintain transverse and longitudinal splits:


  • Sit on the floor and dissolve legs as widely as possible. Lean forward, trying to get to the floor, not only with your hands, but the thorax and abdomen.


  • Slowly straighten up and start to lean on each leg. Try not to bend your knees and pull your toes.


  • In order to take the cross split, perform the following exercise: Stand on all fours and spread your knees wide and gently try to lower the hips as low as possible.


  • It is equally effective to use the wall. Stand with your back against the wall and slowly begin to sit on the cross string. The wall will keep your legs and buttocks at the same level, and stretching will be much better.


Wish you successful and safe exercises!

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