Simple tips how to make yourself go to gym

2 Apr 2013, 18:15
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Long time ago, I could not understand how people can visit gym or fitness club 3-4 times per week. I thought, “Probably, these people must have some powerful motivation that drives them to the gym again and again.


Now, I realize that there are really simple rules or steps, which everyone can use successfully.


If I found out about them earlier it would definitely help me keep the perfect shape long time ago. Therefore, I decided to post this information since it may be helpful for someone.


1. Use quality sportswear. When you wear great professional clothes you enjoy working out much more, not to mention a part of showing off:)


2. Positive feelings before training. It's so important to make training your little reward after hard day's work. In this case you will be waiting for the moment when you come to your gym or fitness club.


3. Keeping strict training schedule. It is perfect to train 3 times a week, but even 2 times can be enough for you. It is very personal, so you have to find your comfortable spot. Don't force yourself to do too much and you won't be angry that you missed your training.


4. Duration of training is the next important decision. One hour of intensive training is quite enough for general fitness. In addition, it is well-known fact that shorter, more intensive workouts are much more efficient in terms of loosing weight.


5. Don't force yourself to do the routine if you don't feel like doing it today. Habit is good only as much as it helps you progress.


7. Concentrate on your mental state, feel the changes inside your body, cherish your positive outlook


8. You must decide whether you like training alone or with company. Some people prefer going to the gym with friends. Not my case. When you have company you need to adjust to others. I prefer concentrating on my tempo, and socialize in other places.


9. I also enjoy listening to the music, or specialized literature for my job since that way I do feel like I'm using my time the best way I can.


10. And the last secret – you will get dependent on it. As soon as you fully submerge into your exercise schedule, which may take from a couple weeks to a couple months, you won't be able to live without it. And only then the previous tips will become absolutely pointless to you, trust me:)


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