Rules of efficient running

15 Feb 2013, 14:20
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There are three key elements in making your running more efficient. It is posture, falling, and pulling.


The first thing you will need to do is start paying attention to your posture. You have to start from the head, and all the way down. When you run you want to look forward keeping your head straight and concentrating on real or imaginary horizon line. This means that your head will be up and balanced.


The problem is that many people look down right at the ground or in front of them, thus keeping incorrect running constitution.

correct running posture


Shoulders need to be pulled back for proper posture, and our belly button pulled towards our spine. Feet should be kept at hip-width apart. Arms should be positioned at ninety degree angle for running purposes. They should be relaxed while hands should be in the chip-holding position.


Pretend that you are holding a potato chip between your thumb and index finger trying not to break it. While running you should swing the arms from the shoulders pushing elbows to the back, but not to the sides. From wrist to elbow.

running girl


The second important thing is the falling. When you fall you wanna keep your body in line with a forward lean that comes from the ankles. You should always avoid falling from the waist resulting in bowing forward. When you incline forward you should keep your ankles, hips and shoulders in straight line. Basically, running is falling.

muscular run


And the last most important aspect of running is pulling the foot up and under. Foot weighs around two percent of our body weight. It's much easier to pull two percent of the body weight than to push all the body weight forward. The foot must be pulled exactly up and under, so your ankle is on the same level as the other knee.


To train all these techniques, you can use a partner's help, or in case you don't have a partner to exercise with a simple wall will suffice. Keeping your body firm incline forward pressing against either the partner's supporting hands or a wall making sure your body is in a straight line. Then start pulling your legs by turns to achieve proper pulling technique.

running on spot


There are also some additional tips that you should remember when running to make this process more efficient and enjoyable, stay injury-free and be satisfied with your exercises.


Make sure you land on the middle of foot when running, or at least that your toes touch the ground first letting ankles absorb the shock. Most pressure that you put on the ground comes from the ball of your foot, so when you land on heal it produces greater shock and slows you down. That's why heals should touch the ground only after toes.


In case if you need to speed up or climb the hill push your elbows harder and pull knees higher. Running only on toes will make you run faster as well.

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