Nordic walking technique

10 Jul 2012, 16:16
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I recently travelled to Europe and noticed that many people behave themselves very strange. They walk the streets and parks of cities with poles. I saw the first such lean grandfather in Hamburg and then met a few people and decided that it's just flash mob.

nordic walking

But the more I travelled, the more bizarre characters encountered with poles on my way. Then I asked my friend Peter from Belgium about this new fashion. He was terribly amused, and suggested me to try it the same day. Leaving the skis at home and armed with poles, we have become a part of friendly fans of one of the most advanced sports - Nordic walking technique.


Running on the spot! What can be easier?


According to legend, Finnish skiers who trained hard even in summer, when there was no snow was the ancestors of this weird sport. It started back in the '40s. Although the ancient shepherds and mountain people used to walk with sticks for the passage of complex pedestrian areas.


Nowadays a staggering popularity of Nordic walking has acquired thanks to Mark Finn Kantanu, who in 1997 published the first manual of this sport. So Nordic Walking went for a walk through the territory of Europe.


Nordic Walking bribed many thousands of people with its simplicity and ease. Walking with sticks, a person is working on variety of muscle groups, while enjoying the views, fresh air and socializing with nice people.


This is a real cure for those who for various reasons aren't able to do running and cycling. There are already many scenic trails for Nordic walking In Europe, which are equipped with nice benches for rest and a special drainage system which prevent tracks from puddles. These routes usually take place in very beautiful and clean places. Here, on a nice gravel, you can find cheerful students and active grandmothers, loving couples and kids.

nordic walking guide

In fact, regular ski poles from the old "Saratov" is not suitable for serious study of Nordic walking. You must pick a special stick. The main difference is that there are special gloves to attach the stick to the hand. Nordic walking is different from a simple walk with a cane thanks to this lashing, because it helps to train back and upper body muscles.


Doctors absolutely love this innovation. Nordic walking has a lot of advantages and almost no contraindications. It is suitable for older people and those who have problems with joints and knees. At the same time this type of walking has a positive effect on the breathing apparatus, the physical development of the organism and it opens up a whole new world for those who wish to lose weight.


Nordic Walking compared with other sport is a champion of burning calories. So grab a stick and go ahead to conquer the country!

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