Endurance training for everyone

17 Jul 2012, 16:07
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Endurance is an integral component of high performance in sport. Without it, the power rate of human does not mean much, because in many sports the ability to withstand for long periods of time is more important. Such ability as endurance is developed during the simple but lengthy exercise. Thus, 80 push-ups make the muscle more resistant to stress, and 20 sets with barbell have beneficial effect on the force.

endurance training

Even if a person is not going to set the Olympic records, endurance training will be useful for its cardio-vascular system. And when it comes to heart, we should not forget about certain rules. Otherwise, the desire to help your body might have the opposite effect.


Endurance training includes warm-ups, stretching, hitch and exercises. Many people begin to stretch immediately which is a big mistake, which might cause an injury. It is important to disperse the blood into the muscles for 5-10 minutes firstly and only then to do stretching. The very warm-up should include a series of exercises proposed during the workout. But the rate should be 50% lower. The final stage of training is a hitch. Like warming up, it must pass with 50-percent intensity within 5-10 minutes.


It is important to distribute the load directly to the muscles that were involved at the beginning of training. As in the case of warm-up, more stretching should be done after the hitch. This will protect your muscles from the possible damage.


The duration of training may be 30-60 minutes. It is important to remember that the preparatory and final stages occupy a separate time. With the advent of the first results you will have a desire to increase the load. The correct solution would be to increase the duration, but not the intensity of your workout.


The trainings should not exceed 3-5 times per week. If a person feels a lack of load, the intensity of your workouts can be increased. Those who are barely coping with the selected rate will have to do a two-day break between sessions.

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