Correlation of diet and fitness

3 Jul 2012, 17:10
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We all want to get certain result out of trainings. The purposes can be different: develop the muscles, to become more resilient, to lose weight. You must see a clearly stated purpose while training.


Diet and fitness would help you to achieve these purposes. Without any diet it will be hard to get needed result only by means of fitness. Don`t be scared of word “diet”. It does not mean that you will eat only celery and apples. Nevertheless, you should understand that the active lifestyle requires special treatment and the composition of food.

fitness and diet

Developing an individual food system should be based on the goal that you pursue. If you want to build muscles it is obligatory to eat after the training (preferably during 20 minutes after the training).


Note that you would not get strength, muscles tightness, harmony and metabolic rate if you do not eat properly. Accordingly you would not get the needed results.


In order to pump up powerful muscles it is obligatory not to eat before but after the training. Because there is so called anabolic window for proteins and carbohydrates consumption is opened during first 20 minutes after the training.


Muscles are needed to be recovered after the loads. That is why all the food would have positive effect on your figure: everything goes into the muscles and no calories as fat. Of course if you do not eat fats.


If you want to lose weight and aren't interested in muscles the situation is on the contrary. You are forbidden to eat for three hours before training and three hours after the training. Moreover, you should not drink for an hour before training and for an hour after the training and eat proteins for five hours before the training.


Speaking of protein. It is known to be a build material for our muscles. That is why it is needed for people who lead an active lifestyle and do trainings. Furthermore it is very important to control the time when proteins get in body.


You can count it by yourself. Eat a half of protein day norm in the evening while training in the morning. In case of day trainings eat a half of protein dose in the morning. And if you have workouts in the evening you need to get proteins during lunch and after the training.

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