Armwrestling for Dummies

17 Jul 2012, 12:43
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The fight on hands is one of the oldest forms of martial arts. Almost everywhere this competition is a test of strength, agility and endurance of both men and women. For the sake of winning the sparring, which sometimes last less than a second the athlete has to train as before a few rounds in the ring. Therefore, training usually has limiting loads. This means that the number of repetitions should not exceed 8, and exercises almost always are first with a right hand, and then with a left.

boy's armwrestling


For almost all sparrings person is in a static pose. In this case movement of fighter is limited in time and range. This means that you should develop explosive power first. For example, the sprinter should be able to take a high pace in the first moments of the race. For this purpose he is working on explosive power of legs. Professional arm wrestler, in turn, is able in a split second reveal the full potential of arms muscles .


Exercise №1

  • Dumbbell press sitting
  • Push-ups from the floor
  • Barbell curls (grip at the top)
  • Wrist curl with a barbell sitting
  • Flexion of the fingers on the simulator
  • Lowering the hand with the weights on the belt
  • Folding hands while standing with weight on the belt


Exercise №2

  • Lifting the torso while standing
  • Arm bar to the chin while standing
  • Vertical thrust block to the chest while sitting
  • Static tension of hands in starting position
  • Bring a hand with a dumbbell seated
  • Barbell curls at the wrists (grip at the top)


Exercise №3

  • The rise of the body with the rotation lying
  • Flexion of the fingers on the simulator with a delay of 6 seconds
  • The rotation of hand with a dumbbell
  • Barbell curls standing
  • Push-ups on the bars (with weights)
  • Squats on the shoulders
  • Bench press


In addition to training, muscles strengthening ligaments and joints is also very important in arm wrestling. It is important not only in terms of power performance, but also for security purposes.


Weak ligaments simply will not withstand enormous loads, and then the injury is inevitable. Exercise described above will help strengthen the ligaments, as well as to increase the explosive strength.


Fix your arm with a dumbbell on the Scott`s bench. The angle of bending should be straight and the weight of the bar is 70-80% of maximum load. While the arm is stationary, your assistant should press on the dumbbell for second. This will increase the weight of the projectile by 30-40%. Your main task is to keep the hand stationary despite the additional burden. Repeat the exercise for 4-6 times, depending on your conditions.

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