Abdominals. The exercises

9 Jul 2012, 11:34
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For those who seriously decided to focus on their body the main stumbling block is a gain abdominal muscules' ideal forms. This is because fats tends to accumulate in waist and abdomen, making muscles lose shape without exercises. So if you want to be slimmer you've got to mix diet with trainings. After all, it is necessary to take care of the state of the stomach muscles. I`m sure that no one wants to have a flabby, even though a flat belly if you can have a relief torso. 

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Working with abdominals it is important to remember that the number of repetitive exercises should be higher than with other parts of the body. The most of the attention is required to the entire group of front abdominal muscles. A person sometimes might train only the top or bottom of the press forgetting about the oblique muscles. To avoid it you need to evenly distribute the load over the whole "working area".


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Abdominals: the exercises


1. Raising the legs hanging on a bar. Hanging on the bar, slowly lift the straightened legs while they will not be parallel to the floor. Than omit the legs to their previous position and repeat the action. Try to keep your upper body remained motionless. Number of repetitions: 10-15.


2. Raising the legs in the supine position. Drop back to the floor and place your hands along the body. Lift legs so that your pelvis comes off from the floor at 15-20 cm. The legs at the same time should be straightened. Number of repetitions: 10-15.


3. Lifting torso hanging on a bar. Lock bent at the knees legs on a bar. Lift your torso up, trying to touch lower abdomen by the head, then slowly go down to starting position. Number of repetitions: 7-10.


4. Torso twists and leg flexion. Lying on the floor lift both stretched out legs and holed behind your head arms for 10-20 cm. Then without removing your hands rotate the torso to the right. Left leg at the same time bends the knee so that she came in contact with the elbow of the right hand. Actions must take place simultaneously. Number of repetitions: 10-15.


5. Sequential lowering of the legs to the side. Lie down on the flour and place your hands along the body. Lift your bend in knees feet. After that immerse your legs to the side alternatively. Try to involve your abdominal muscles and limit the use of hips. Number of repetitions: 10-15.


6. Body rotations in a standing position. Putting feet shoulder width apart, turn your hands to the sides and bend your torso forward. Turn the torso like a working mill; alternately touch the tips of the hands the fingers of opposite leg (right hand ―  left leg fingers, etc.). While one arm is lowered, the second extended over the torso. Number of repetitions: 15-25.


7. Flexion of the legs and torso with the weights. Lying on your back with legs bent at the knees, keep "lead" of bar (dumbbell) with your hands to the chest. The essence of the exercise is to bring the torso with strength of abdominal muscles to the flexed hips bending with the whole body. The subsequent extension must be slow to get good effect. Number of repetitions: 10-15.


If you're interested in building up your abdomen muscles, check an article about proper diet for abdomen trainings!

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