A diet for abdominals: cubes game

1 Aug 2012, 17:44
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When I decided to spice my stomach with press "cubes", it was found that training is not enough. In addition to daily activities at home trainer, I had to take a critical look at my daily diet. It took me a month to realize one simple thing: a layer of fat, though small, hidden muscles which became strong. That's just impossible to see them and they can only be groped. Realizing that in my case, to say the least, unsportsmanlike food, I decided to give up all that contributed to the retention of body fat. In addition to the taboo on extra calories, I changed the schedule of meal.


Champion`s secret. Diet in bodybuilding


muscle structure

My eating schedule looks like this now:

1. Breakfast (8:00 am)

2. First lunch (11:00 am)

3. Lunch (13.00)

4. Afternoon snack (16.00)

5. Dinner (18.00)

6. An evening snack (20:00)


As I wrote above, except the schedule, abdomen diet made ​​me to change the menu itself. After consulting with experts, I have included the following components in my diet: low-fat dairy products (milk, yogurt, cheese, and yogurt), nuts, eggs, dietary meat (turkey, rabbit, chicken), oatmeal, cereal, whole wheat bread, olive oil, legumes, herbs and berries. Another new useful feature in my diet are protein supplements that I took as a cocktail. Their main advantage is that they quickly saturate the body proteins and carbohydrates, are easy to prepare, tasty and satisfying. In addition, they can be used if it`s a long time before the main snack, but the body has already requires recharging.


Correlation of diet and fitness


Now let`s talk about drinks. Like in many diets, I had to give up alcohol. I knew that alcohol hit the heart, brain, liver, and throughout the body as a whole. It turned out, that alcohol is also very high in calories! So I switched it to water and green tea. I also prefer to drink skim milk and yogurt. Of course, diet is only half the battle. If I had not forced myself to do daily abdominal exercises, my body fat in the abdominal area is unlikely to leave me. Now, seeing a strong specular reflection of press relief I cannot get enough.

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