My share of quit smoking thoughts

16 May 2013, 10:35
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Yellow fingers, stinky breath, yellow cracked teeth and dull complexion are common consequences of smoking.

stop smoking


Judging from my experience, most smokers deep dow, hope that the negative effects of their unhealthy habit will not touch them personally. Everyone tends to think it will not happen to me.


I have never met smokers who gave up tobacco only because they were afraid of the high risk of developing lung cancer or infertility. People usually give up smoking when their habit produces visual and impossible to ignore changes in the body, for example strong cough or yellow teeth.


I have never been heavy smoker myself. But, during my teen years, even a few cigarettes a day would bring me to the place where giving it up completely was rather difficult task. At that time, most of my friends smoked, so our never ending attempts to quit smoking usually resulted in long discussions and complex theories.

smoking friends


Everyone had his own different vision of the nature of their dependency.


Now, that I know how personal this matter is, and how different people find their inspiration and motivation to quit smoking in different, sometimes opposite ideas and feelings, I still remember thoughts that visited me most often during my personal war with tobacco.


Early signs of aging


A person that has been smoking for more than five years usually looks older and weaker than other people of the same age. Especially skin, cosmetologists say this happens because it loses its elasticity. Skin becomes dry, thin, forms wrinkles and therefore looks older. Such obvious changes in the skin can be noticed in smokers as young as 20 years old.


Changing shape of your eyes and mouth


Smoking strongly affects the most tender skin areas such as those around the lips and eyes. Small wrinkles, sharpened lines, dry spots and changing color of skin usually accompany heavy smokers.


Spoiled and graying hair


I've noticed some gray hair appearing before I was 20 years old. When someone told me cigarettes could have been also responsible for that change I did not believe them, but the thought deeply submerged into my mind and I kept bringing it up although did not actually believe in such connection.


Later, I found out that a study conducted by scientists from the University of Zurich confirmed the link between smoking and early hair greying. Nicotine weakens tiny blood vessels in hair follicles and disrupts blood circulation, pigmentation of hair then may be affected. It becomes weak, grey and brittle.


Smokers cough


When I smoked, every morning started with cough, which was really disturbing to me. Also, the urge to get all the extra mucus accumulating in the lungs during the night or periods of physical activity bothered me greatly. I love sports, and coughing all the time while playing football or basketball annoyed me leading to thinking about quiting as well.

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