I am sick

21 Mar 2013, 14:35
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No matter how hard I try I simply can not get my sinuses decongested. The other typical flu symptoms seem to come and go. I will try to provide as many details as possible. 


On Tuesday we came back from our family trip to Portugal. The weather there was a little windy, but warm and sunny on the majority of the days. 



I decided to go jogging - perfectly dressed up, I was in the radiant mood and did not feel tired or ill at all during the run. Later that evening I started coming with what I thought to be cold/flu symptoms: slight headache, rising fever, body aches. At first I thought it was from my run in the chilly weather, so I took cold/flu medicine with paracetamol and phenylephrine, drank plenty of apple juice, and went to bed. Through all winter before this I had been feeling all right having good appetite and sleep and had only minor cold or virus in the late November that vanished in a few days.


Thursday afternoon /evening:


My temperature went up to 102F overnight despite the medicine that I had taken. I felt so devastated and weak that calling my work, I took some more paracetamol and decided to go back to sleep. Did not have any appetite, could not even think about breakfast. When I woke in the afternoon the fever was much lover, but other symptoms aggravated. I was completely decongested, the insides of nose and throat hurt, a slight nausea was present. I kept drinking a lot of water and some herbal tea. After making myself eat a minor meal and taking more paracetamol I went to the doctor who diagnosed...big suprise...cold or possible flu, advised some drugs and sent me back home. He also said to take warm clean water and using saline solution clean my sinuses twice during the day. I did that and felt much better almost regaining my ability to breath through the nose. Hoping that by tomorrow I would be back on my feet I went to sleep.




I woke up several times during the night because of troubles with breathing. When I was getting out of the bed I could hardly walk straight, the fever was high again. Every time I tried to blow my nose with no success. The last time I went to bed was somewhere at 5 am. I woke up after noon and, surprisingly, the fever was gone. The head did not ache, I felt like having a good breakfast. Unfortunately, decongestion was terrible and I started coughing. My breath felt really heavy. The saline water did not do anything anymore, so I used the nasal spray. It eased my suffering for a few hours, so then I used it again. The rest of the day I rested on and off from sleep.




I again woke up breathing out of my mouth and having occasional dry coughs. There was a low fever that was manageable, I could easily wander around the house, except feeling shaky and cold. The nasal spray became my best friend for that day. Knowing that one should not overuse it, I still used it a lot, because after the previous slumbered days I had troubles falling asleep and couldn't stand lying in bed anymore. Also, I had to go out for some urgent errands (buying fruits and vegetables, more medicines and picking up my girlfriend whose car had broken down.) The fever came back and climbed over 100, the body aches and stiff neck returned also. I started taking paracetamol again while continuing using the nasal spray. My chest did not feel congested, the unpleasant dry cough seized and the throat felt all right.




I am lying the whole day in bed having the same troubles. Stuffed nose, medium fever and general weakness. Going back to work starting Monday apparently is not real. The worst part is that I can not breath through my nose, can't smell and can hardly feel the taste of anything. The nose spray does not help much anymore. What should I do?

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  • Amie Hooper

    are you all right? it's Thursday already.

    21 Mar 2013 in 14:44
  • Amie Hooper

    It may be bad flu or even the developing complications from the flu. I strongly advise you see a doctor in person as soon as possible. Posting here won't help you much.

    21 Mar 2013 in 14:46
  • Marek Spilak

    yeah, I'm much better:) thank you.
    It was really bad flu, just like you said

    21 Mar 2013 in 18:51
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