Holotropic breathing

19 Jul 2012, 16:09
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Progressive esoteric methods of psychotherapy and self-knowledge are gradually replacing personal psychoanalysts. You can work with internal problems in a prone position, but not on the grandfather Freud's couch but on a soft mat for yoga, breathing in, breathing out, breathing... so what I was talking about?:) Ah yes, now I want to tell you about Holotropic Breathing! 

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holotropic breathing

The interaction with the world through the lens of altered consciousness has been fascinating people for a long time. From the shamanic trance dances to the acid tests of Ken Kesey, people are always trying to know themselves and the world around which is beyond the scope of their consciousness. Today changing the way of your breath has become a new form. People plunge deep into themselves and watch things that are not available for consciousness.


Unbelievable popularity of holotropic breathing firstly deals with its total safety and environmental friendliness. A person does not need to use any substances or bring themselves to exhaustion with special rituals. You just start to breathe differently, in new ways. Immersion in a special, expanded state of consciousness contributes to the special music that has a hint of primitiveness. A man drifting in the stream of pop-up experience has the opportunity to see and understand many aspects of his life.


By the way, this method was originally invented as a substitute for banned drug LSD by transpersonal psychologists Christina and Stanislav Grof. How does the Holotropic Breathing work? Due to changes in respiration the hyperventilation begins, which leads to oxygen starvation and inhibition in the cerebral cortex. Some researchers have sharp criticism of Holotropic Breathing, because this technique leads to the death of brain cells.


I think that there is some truth in both views of those who favor this method of personal growth, and in the opinion of holotropa`s critics. One thing is clear: do not abuse the experiment with your own consciousness, and especially with the subconscious. The path to yourself is a great way for each person, and it is imperative to try different options to understand which path is right for you.

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