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22 Jul 2012, 15:47
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Due to statistics about one third of people living on Earth have problems with a sleep. Insomnia and other sleep diseases do not give the opportunity to relax after hard work day. As a result you can not only reduce workability but also get multiple problems with a health in general. Besides the illness each of us faces with stress, irritability, confusion... Simply saying, life can become a continuous discontent.

healthy sleep

Secrets of healthy sleep


To normalize a sleep you should firstly make a sleep regime. Doctors say that the most appropriate time to fall asleep is in period from22:00 to 23:00 o`clock. Of course you can go to bad in any time. But falling asleep at 8:00 pm there is a chance to wake up at 2 am and stay awake till the morning.  Naturally, healthy sleep would be forgotten.


You should left all the physical and mental stresses at least one hour before bedtime. Otherwise the body will be overexcited and it will be more difficult to sleep. You need to wean from reading, watching TV, sitting with a laptop in bed. But sex, by contrast, helps to relieve tension and to fall asleep rapidly.


Now let’s talk about our bed


Podiatrists argue that the bed should be noticeably stiff for a healthy sleep. Quilts and big, soft pillows can "reward" you with problems of the spine. Ideally, the head should be a continuation of the trunk in a straight line of mattress. Choosing a position for sleep it is better to lie on your side. This is useful for the back, and will not cause snoring (as, for example, in the supine position).


Bedroom should be well ventilated and the temperature of it should not exceed 20 °C. It is recommended to reset the accumulated load per day and tune into a positive before a bedtime. You can repeat the soothing phrases to remember the pleasant moments of life, for instance, holidays, the long-awaited purchase, adding to the family and other joyful events.


Holotropic breathing


To understand the tendency of your sleep, try to identify with the following parameters:

  • a sleep passes without night wake ups
  • the deepness of a sleep is good for not to react on different irritants
  • duration of sleep is not too short
  • falling asleep occurs quickly and quietly
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