Foot massage. The main in brief.

19 Jul 2012, 15:54
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Massaging not only helps the foot to relieve fatigue and relax after a hard day, but also positively affects on the entire body. We are able to adjust the work of a part of the body, which we are concerned because each finger is responsible for certain internal organs. Even if a person is completely healthy and his legs do not need extra relaxation, foot massage will give him a lot of fun. It is quite possible to massage feet by your own, but professional will do it more effective.

foot massageIf you decide to do foot massage at home, you can use hydro-massager. This small bath with vibrating massager has several modes and it also does not require any effort or time consuming. All that is needed is to fill the tank with water, put legs in it and turn on the device.


Among cheap and simple devices for self-massage, you can choose rollers, balls, or pads with special surface. In this case you will have to make some effort, but any of these devices will not be as accessible, portable, more compact and more economical as hydro-massager. So you would have to choose between comfort and practicality.


If you decide to do foot massage by hands, you need to follow a certain sequence in actions. To begin with the fingers, previously rubbed them for better circulation of blood. Then, one hand holds the foot and the other massages each finger separately with a force (the sequence is not important).


Movements should be straight and circular. Then go to the area between the toes and the plantar part. Make circular movements by your fist with the pressure on the foot. When finished with the fingers and the foot work with a heel. Rub this place with four fingers of the hand, and then enhance the action with the thumb.


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You can also periodically pinch from time to time the heel to improve circulation. Then work with back of the foot. Thumbs make direct and circular movements across the surface. This stage of the massage is especially important for those who suffer from swollen feet. Do not forget about the tibia. Clasping it with palms, perform strokes from the heel to the calf. The pressure of hands at the same time should not be too weak.

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