Endogenous breathing

22 Jul 2012, 15:22
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endogenous breathingModern medicine uses more new methods of healing the body and treating various diseases. Endogenous breathing becomes one of these best practices. We used not to pay attention to how we breathe. It occurs naturally. We begin to think about it just started to practice yoga or learn to play the harmonica. But with the proper breathing we can prevent many health problems and improve overall health. Vladimir Frolov, who produced the theory of endogenous breathing, is closely engaged with this problem. Frolov opened the ability of cells to support themselves with oxygen, whereas we used to get oxygen from the outside.


Frolov says that the familiar external breathing may not only bring obvious benefits, but also be harmful for our organism. The bulk of our cells suffer from a lack of energy with such a breath, which leads to premature aging and various diseases, including cancers and endocrine (like diabetes). Frolov proposed to train breathing in the same way as we do it with muscles. For this purpose, he created a special simulator, which may produce breathing resistance, as if you are trying to breathe deeply in the mountains. Because of this, the respiratory system becomes stronger. In addition, the breathing becomes more stretched and slow.


vladimir frolov

In addition this is one of the well known yoga breathing . Indians even have a phrase: "The yogi inhales in the morning and exhales in the evening." Reducing the number of breaths promotes longevity. This fact was already known in ancient India, where it was believed that each person has a certain amount of "breathing", and the slower he breathes, the longer he will live. This method has no contraindications and is recognized in the medical community. Although, as usual, there are also sharply critical views that condemn techniques of Frolov. You can buy a simulator at any drugstore, and it is relatively inexpensive: from 600 to 1,000 rubles. It is also not difficult to start; you just need to read instructions first. Followers of Frolov promise that in three months you will feel the strengthening of immunity, the general improvement of health, as well as get rid of various diseases. 


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