Serious and permanent treatment of foot fungus infection

23 Jul 2012, 19:04
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Even if you follow all the rules of hygiene, it does not take much to be infected with the fungus. You can catch this uninvited guest in any place where the foot of another person stands: sauna, steam bath, swimming pool, gym, hotel room, or the beach. This invisible to our eye fungus family can live wherever it is warm and muggy.

foot fungus infection


Symptoms of foot fungus infection


If you start to feel the burning and itching between the toes or on the other side of the foot, noticed skin peeling or bubbles, which gone shut and left a wound it's time to consult a dermatologist. After all, if you would not pay attention to the first symptoms of the disease, you are giving fungi an opportunity to spread throughout a foot and then even move to your hands.


Treatment of foot fungus infection


Athlete's foot, also known as parasitic fungus on the skin can be treated as using drugs and traditional medicine. In the first case, the doctor will prescribe a special ointment and creams, and for the treatment of foot fungus, you can find a number of good traditional medicine methods. Cheap and affordable products will help. For example, the fungus can be treated using an fungus infection ordinary coffee. It is enough to make a concentrated welding of coffee and put it on your problem area of ​​the foot. Infection recedes after several procedures.


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Another method is also uncomplicated to prepare. Place 100g of vinegar, 200g of chopped butter and whole raw egg in a  jar. Cover the jar and put it into a refrigerator. After 5-8 days, when the egg shell will dissolve, mix the contents and apply on affected area.


To make the following ointment you should decoct a spoon of apricot tree resin and 200 grams of vodka for three days. The result of infusion should be thoroughly shaken before applying. You can use ordinary cream to cure athlete's foot. It is sufficient for several days to lubricate legs before bedtime. This seemingly primitive method does not leave a trace of the fungus.


If you would find ordinary "grandfather" shag, consider yourself lucky. Add a tablespoon of shag in a liter of boiling water, continuing to boil the mixture for a couple of minutes. Pour broth into a bowl and low the foot affected by fungus for 15 minutes. You can wash your feet only in a few hours.

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