Let's talk about the vaccine and symptoms of the human virus

16 Feb 2012, 14:15
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The flu virus is highly variable. From year to year its properties changes, which means that a reliable means of protection need to be looked for again and again. We are always concerned with the same question ― to vaccinate or not?



On the one hand, it allows to create a natural protection against infection. In this case, facing the virus does not develop the disease, runs in a benign course without complications. But does the vaccine protect against flu?


Of course, immunoprophylaxis is the primary measure, but not quite sufficient to ensure you are safe from the flu and its complications. The influenza virus has a high ability to mutate; from one year to another, appear new types of the virus.


Therefore, WHO annually produces three types of circulating virus strains for inclusion in the vaccine composition for the next epidemic season. Planting of a "fresh" vaccine product, you can be sure of having the most effective protection. Unfortunately, however, there are cases of vaccination when it used for last year's preparations for the coming season irrelevant. In addition, the vaccine does not provide 100% protection against disease and during the epidemy can spread a brand new one or could not included in the vaccine virus strain. 


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The vaccine can provide immunity from only a few types of the influenza virus included in its composition, and therefore requires support in the form of antiviral agents. In regards to the human inertia, and often not timely provide drugs for the active immunization by health facilities at the beginning of flu season, a small percentage of the population being vaccinated.


Vaccinations during the epidemic are also effective, but at the time of formation of immune protection factors, that is not less than 2 weeks, the human body is vulnerable to infection, and this requires to use other highly effective preventions. These funds are drugs, which have antiviral activity. Here is some objective information about vaccines, but only you decide – to be vaccinated or not to be.

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